Estate agent floor plans

Drawn to scale and cross checked
  • Floor plan drawn to RICS code of measuring practice
  • Floor plan of a large residential property
  • Detailed floor plan drawing of a property
  • Grid paper, laser measure, clip board and pencil
  • Accurate floor plan drawn to scale

In order to ensure our plans are drawn as accurately as possible we do not use apps. All of our plans are hand drawn to scale before being converted to a digital format. Once done your company logo can be added in order to ensure a more professional looking plan.

We make sure all floors are included and our plans have area measurements, total area and we even draw the dimensions for everything from garages to outbuildings as well as the main property.

An accurate floor plan helps potential buyers better understand the space they are investing in and by presenting floor plans alongside professional photography you have two chances to win them over and make the sale.