About Agents Aperture

What we do and how we do it

We know how busy you are and that you need flexible, trustworthy photographers who use the latest techniques to make your properties stand out from the competition. Our years of experience working with industry leaders ensures we are perfectly placed to offer the support you need, providing everything from property photography, EPC’s, videography and everything in between!

Our floor plans are drawn to the RICS code of measuring practices and our web design skills and qualifications in domestic energy assessing ensure we go far beyond property photography to provide a complete service for all of your marketing needs.

We pride ourselves on always exceeding our clients’ expectations, be they estate agents, private landlords, architects or developers.

By helping buyers visualise themselves in the space, we bring them one step closer to purchase.

Why are we different

When you work with Agents Aperture you can trust that you are working with industry leading professionals. We have built our brand by constantly updating our skill set, testing new techniques and adding services aimed at ensuring you are offering everything needed for your clients. We are one step ahead of our competition, which puts you one step ahead of yours.

Our attention to detail not only in our work but also when managing client relations ensures we enjoy repeat bookings, with friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff. You can trust that we will always be polite, professional, well-dressed and on time. And we always leave our shoes at the door!

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Meet the team

We are creative professionals
Head shot of Darren from Agents Aperture

In 2014, after realising that there was a lack of high quality professional photography in the property industry, Darren created Agents Aperture. Darren says: although only a small company our range of services is expanding with our client needs and market changes. We are a dynamic and versatile company that puts our clients first with an emphasis on customer service.


Founder and Director
Head shot of Prina from Agents Aperture

Prina graduated from the university of Hertfordshire after obtaining a degree in Photography. Bringing excellent customer service skills along with a lot of enthusiasm, Prina in her own words feels very lucky to be able to work in the field she is not only qualified in but passionate about.


Senior: Photographer, Floor planner, Energy Assessor
Head shot of David from Agents Aperture

David is joining us with a very strong photography background ranging from high end portrait studios to Cruise ships and everything in between!

Turning his skills to property photography after moving down to Essex from Leamington Spa, David is also a fully qualified Energy Assessor.


Senior: Photographer, Floor planner, Energy Assessor
Head shot of Steve from Agents Aperture

An experienced videographer and skilled photographer who just so happens to also be a domestic energy assessor and floor planner who is currently learning to fly drones!

Since joining us Steve has quickly become an integral part of the team and produces most of our video content.


Photographer, Floor planner, Energy Assessor, Videographer
Head shot of Lewis from Agents Aperture

I have been a photographer now for over 9 years, I spent the last 3 years photographing properties, I truly love the challenge as well as creativity that has come with it. I am always pushing myself to find the best shots that will really show off the features of your property. Training to become a fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessor has really boosted my interest in properties, learning how they are constructed and how they are heated became a bit of a hobby to me. In my spare time I love taking my dog for walks with my wife, doing DIY around the house as well as spending my evenings gaming or watching movies.


Photographer, Floor planner, Energy Assessor, Videographer
Head shot of Luana from Agents Aperture

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Luana permanently moved to England in 2015. With rich experience working in the entertainment industry, Luana brings her organisational skills and razor-sharp attention to detail to Agents Aperture. She is responsible for managing all our bookings and administration as well as transferring all our floor plans from paper to digital format.


Scheduler and photo editor
Head shot of Luana from Agents Aperture

As the administrator, I ensure smooth operations, exceptional user experiences, and efficient handling of all files. With meticulous attention to detail, I manage workflows, promptly address inquiries, check and send work files to all of our agents and ensure all related admin tasks are completed to a high standard.


Head shot of Luana from Agents Aperture

As the property marketing photo editor, I craft captivating visuals that showcase properties at their best. With a keen eye for detail, I enhance images to highlight unique features and appeal. Collaborating closely with photographers and marketing teams, I ensure efficient delivery of compelling visuals that drive engagement and facilitate successful transactions.


Photo editor
Head shot of Luana from Agents Aperture

As a property video editor, I specialize in transforming raw footage into captivating visual narratives that showcase properties at their finest. With meticulous attention to detail and a knack for storytelling, I craft immersive videos that highlight each property's unique features. Collaborating closely with photographers and marketers, I ensure seamless integration of video content into our marketing strategy, aiming to drive interest and facilitate successful transactions.


Video editor
Head shot of Luana from Agents Aperture

In my role, I convert hand-drawn floorplans into digital formats and create immersive 360 tours. With precision and creativity, I transform sketches into accurate digital renderings and craft dynamic tours. Collaborating closely with teams, I enhance property presentations and engage potential buyers. With a keen eye for design and innovation, I play a pivotal role in elevating property visuals for optimal marketability.


Floorplan & 360 editor
Cookie the Cavapoo!

Joining us from north England, Cookie became part of our team in January 2018 as head of workplace morale. Soon after joining us he was quickly promoted to Chief Security due to his natural ability to scare almost anyone with his 'loud' bark. Cookie is currently working on his social media skills and boasts a personal following of 10 people.


Chief security, head cleaner
Next member of staff is TBA

We are not currently recruiting but are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and talented photographers.

Please check back here regularly as we will activate this section next time we are recruiting.


Photographer, Floor planner, Energy Assessor

why choose us

We provide high quality services
Happy Clients

We all know happy clients lead to referrals. Our photography and marketing materials will help you make the best impression with your clients, ensuring quick sales and word of mouth references to grow your business.

Increased Revenue

It is vital to stand out in a busy marketplace. Our detailed and technical work helps capture clients’ imaginations with great imagery and marketing material, helping you grow sales figures.

Fully trained staff

All of our staff are full-time property professionals, dedicated to their work. Our minimum six month training ensures we always maintain the highest standards so you can be confident your property is in good hands.

Excellent Support

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, providing support at every stage to you and your clients, whether it is explaining an energy assessment or following special requests. Just as you work out of hours, so do we! You can always count on us for a quick response.

Lots of Services

These days you need more than just great photography. That’s why we are here to keep you ahead of the competition. Tech-savvy and forward thinking, we are constantly diversifying our services to offer our clients more.

Fast Delivery

You can rely on us for quick service. Following a shoot all files will be delivered within 24 hours. Our in-house cloud-based system will ensure all images are safely stored and easy to download, too.